Secura Glide Security Gates for Doors & Windows

Secura Glide Security Gates

Security Glide Security Gate

Secura Glide for Windows

We supply and install standard as well as custom made Eagle Secura Glide security barriers for doors and large windows. These aluminium barriers are made from grade A material only and come standard with multi interlocking system offering added security as well as maximum strength.

Benefits of the Multi Interlocking System

  • The lock is protected
  • It cannot be twisted
  • It is tamper proof

Secura Glide for Doors


    • Secure your home with an Eagle Secura Glide security gate manufactured from only A grade material. This security barrier is worth every penny. These Secura Glide security gates for doors and windows are arguably the best available on the market. The burglar bar design is Secura Glide style burglar bar and just as strong and reliable as the Secura Glide Security Gate.
  • Our gates come standard with multi interlocking systems
    • Protects the locks
    • Anti twist
    • Tamper proof


  • Products are available in a wide range of colours
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Secura Glide Security Gates
Confidence in Secura Glide Security Gates

We have extreme confidence in our Eagle Secura Glide security gates for Doors and Windows. We regard these security gates as some of the very best on the market and worth every penny. It has one of the best locking systems available. Can you afford not to have an Eagle Secura Glide Security Gate.